Is your business gaining the traction you envision?  Are you setting up your business
for true success? Are you achieving desired results? Consistently?

Create Results Consulting is committed to helping companies “GO HIGHER”!  We facilitate companies in increasing team effectiveness, and clarifying, aligning and enabling the business Vision + Strategy while Keeping It Simple and SMART! Our goal is for your company to reach new heights and achieve what you only dreamed possible.


We believe in creating an organization that is capable of building sustainable business traction and success through effective and focused leadership.   


The SMART OrgTM  encourages leaders to:

DRIVE team health by increasing trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, collective results, and alignment to the Team #1 mentality.


CLARIFY the Vision + Strategy by answering nine essential questions that define who we are, where we are going, what needs to be in place, and how we will get there.


ALIGN Organizational Readiness including all communication, processes, talent and meetings to the
Vision + Strategy


ENABLE people to action by building the “right” culture, cultivating talent, and developing leadership strength.


Ensure a consistent and effective meeting framework that ignites employees to focus on the “right” strategic priorities and actions daily, weekly, quarterly and annually.


The SMART Org ProcessTM

Our process encompasses a series of working sessions over approximately two years designed to

  • Ensure on-going team cohesiveness

  • Define and implement the company
    vision + strategy

  • Create alignment with all systems, processes, and skills

  • Ensure leaders provide employees with the resources and tools to effectively act upon the
    vision + strategy

  • Cultivate the desired culture in which all employees engage in living the company purpose and values


The SMART OrgTM model is an iterative design that consistently reinforces the importance of effective leadership, maintaining four disciplines, developing the right culture and consistently engaging in an effective meeting framework.


The SMART OrgTM drives team health, creates clarity around the company vision and strategy, aligns people, systems and processes, and provides the direction, support, and resources to ensure people can successfully perform.


SMART Organizations and the people who work for them, are  


Big picture mindset; Focused with a clear plan of action

Energizes & inspires action

Owns all actions and outcomes


Embraces discomfort; has the courage to be bold


Open to learning and growing; Humble and coachable

What is a SMART Leader?

SMART leaders consistently employ three brains – the head (IQ), the heart (EQ) and the gut (GQTM) - to lead organizations and people to success.

By employing a strategic mindset, demonstrating empathy, and trusting their instinct, leaders become influential, innovative, and engaged with the drive to create success for the business and people.


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