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The SMART Model


The SMART OrgTM model is an iterative design that consistently reinforces the importance of effective leadership, maintaining four disciplines, developing the right culture and consistently engaging in an effective meeting framework.


The SMART OrgTM drives team health, creates clarity around the company vision and strategy, aligns people, systems and processes, and provides the direction, support, and resources to ensure people can successfully perform.


SMART Organizations and the people who work for them, are  


Big picture mindset; Focused with a clear plan of action

Energizes & inspires action

Owns all actions and outcomes


Embraces discomfort; has the courage to be bold


Open to learning and growing; Humble and coachable

Is your business producing the level of success your desire?  Are you setting up your leadership team for true success? Are you consistently achieving the right results? 

Create Results Consulting is committed to helping companies “GO HIGHER”!  We facilitate companies in creating strategic clarity for the business, leaders, and teams! Our goal is for you to use The CLARITY EffectTM Framework to GET CLEAR, BE CLEAR and STAY CLEAR in all business and human systems allowing your company to reach new heights and achieve what you only dreamed possible.

The SMART OrgTM  encourages leaders to:

DRIVE team health by increasing trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, collective results, and alignment to a Team #1 mentality.


CLARIFY the Vision + Strategy by answering essential questions that define who we are, where we are headed, what needs to be in place, and how we will get there.


ALIGN organizational readiness including all communication, systems, processes, skills to your
Vision + Strategy


ENABLE people to action by building the “right” culture, cultivating talent, developing leadership strength, and engaging in effective, fast-paced and relevant meetings.


We help to ensure a consistent and effective meeting framework that ignites employees to focus on the “right” strategic priorities and actions daily, weekly, quarterly and annually.

The CLARITY Effect:

Simple Leadership Principles for Creating a Culture of Purpose, Passion and Performance.
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The CLARITY EffectTM framework

The CLARITY Effect is about leaders and teams getting clear about everything business related, being clear when communicating messages and information, and staying clear by creating consistency in all human and business systems.

Let's talk about getting SMART through Clarity


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