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Connect, Collaborate and Create

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" George Bernard Shaw

Communication is an essential leadership skill and necessary for driving productivity and team cohesiveness. We focus on maximizing individual and team effectiveness using the latest communication tools and techniques. 

Participants will gain an understanding of their natural communication tendencies and inclinations. We focus on the core elements of communication and use the Everything DiSC Workplace® profile as an effective tool for understanding and practicing skills that enable leaders and individuals to interact successfully with others whose priorities and tendencies may differ from our own.

We make use of DiSC® Comparison Reports to help individuals learn to understand the uniqueness of others they work with, which at times may be challenging, and together develop a plan of action to increase effective workplace communication.

During the workshop we engage in interactive activities, dynamic discussions and team presentations to develop strong communication skills that connect, inform, influence and inspire others.

Core Focus: Learning to communicate effectively, thus enhancing your ability to convey your ideas that drive effective decision making, team collaboration and productivity, and action.

Primary Learning Outcomes:

  • Confirm your message is clear and fully understood

  • Embrace active listening skills that help you to fully understand others

  • Understand your personal communication tendencies, preferences, and response style and that of others

  • Adapt your communication approach to various business situations and audiences to create better outcomes

Workshop Details:

Location: In-house

Days: 1

Pre-work: Yes

Class Size8- 26


Program is customized to organization purpose, values and goals


Who should enroll?

This program is appropriate for all business professionals who would like to increase their oral communication effectiveness and influence.


Participants must be fluent in English to participate in this fast-paced and activity-based program.

Let's talk about getting SMART


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