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Fostering personal accountability and proactive behaviors at work


  • Understands and aligns with the big picture

  • Gives the extra effort without being asked

  • Recognizes their work contributes to the company’s success

  • Focuses on developing new, innovative solutions to business processes

  • Exudes personal accountability for actions and behaviors

  • Faces challenges with optimism and resilience

  • Takes risk and solves problems

When leaders are willing to ensure teams are focused in the right direction, understand the big picture and consistently hold people accountable for their actions and behaviors, the culture of accountability will emerge.  Accountability is a constant challenge in today’s business environment. Many leaders fail to hold employees accountable for performance and, most of all, behavior. Creating a culture of accountability is not easy. With a SMART Ownership Mindset, corporations realize the benefits of accountability.


Core Focus: Participants will engage in learning and practicing personal accountability skills to improve how they accept and take positive action towards work, and how to lead others in adopting The Ownership Mindset.


Primary Learning Outcomes:

  • Ensuring a clear understanding of key company objectives and beliefs, and the “why” behind them

  • Recognizing the negative consequences that arise from unproductive behaviors or actions

  • Accepting complete responsibility for personal behaviors and choosing to a productive path

  • Identifying alternative strategies to meet/exceed agreed upon expectations and goals amongst challenges

  • Asking empowering and action oriented questions that improve performance and behaviors

  • Leading by example and holding oneself accountable


Workshop Details:

Location: In-house

Days: 1

Pre-work: Yes

Class Size: 8- 20


Who should enroll:

Leaders responsible for ensuring individuals and teams maintain high levels of productivity, quality and team engagement.

Let's talk about getting SMART


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