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The art of entrusting responsibility to others and achieving desired outcomes   

“If you want to do a few things, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” - John C. Maxwell

The primary job of a leader is to ensure work is done on time and in excellence. Often leaders choose to hang on to all tasks as they fear no one else can do it right and on time or believe they don’t have time to delegate. This creates stress and work overload – sometimes burnout. Thus, by delegating and entrusting others, leaders can accomplish work effectively and efficiently though others by sharing the workload. The benefits include time spent wisely, lower stress, and increased trust and engagement.


Core Focus: Participants will learn skills for effectively delegating work enabling the leader to concentrate on higher priority responsibilities, and enable the growth and development of their team members. They will practice skills designed to increase individual and employee productivity, energy and results.


Primary Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine reasons leaders hold back from delegating and the impact this has on overall effectiveness and individual engagement

  • Discuss the challenges of “letting go” and the “I can do it better myself” attitude

  • Recognize why and when to delegate and to whom

  • Demonstrate strategies for identifying and successfully communicating “what” needs to be accomplished

  • Coaching the individual to 

    • visualize and describe the end goal identify their resources

    • explore the path they will use to achieve the task/goal

    • determine how to stay disciplined in the face of obstacles

    • identify the consequences of meeting the goal or not meeting the goal 


Workshop Details:

Location: In-house

Days: ¾ - 1

Pre-work: Yes

Class Size: 8- 20


Who should enroll:

Leaders responsible for achieving a multitude of tasks, initiatives and projects that requires support and help from others on their team or within the organization to accomplish.

Let's talk about getting SMART


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