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Developing new leader competence and confidence, and enhancing current leader behaviors & skills

"A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent." —Douglas MacArthur






Our Leadership Development Program is a series of workshops bucketed in four core areas: Leading Oneself, Leading People, Leading Teams and Leading Change. The program is designed to take leaders on a journey of self-development by teaching and or enhancing their ability to effectively LEAD individuals and teams to achieve desired results through consistency, communication, coaching and SMART leadership skills. The program includes:


Session 1: Leading Oneself: Understanding our Impact I

  • Leadership/Management defined

  • Understanding My Style and Impact: DISC – Management and Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0)


Session 2: Leading Oneself: Understanding our Impact II

  • Personal Accountability traits (victim vs. ownership)

  • Looking through their Lens: peers; direct reports; customers

  • Becoming the CEO of YOU, Inc.TM  (leadership brand)

  • Work SMARTTM Concepts: Time Management and Self-Organization


Session 3: Leading People: Maximizing Strengths & Productivity

  • SMART Communication ConceptsTM: (cycle and productive conversations)

  • Situational Leadership©II – The Concepts (by The Ken Blanchard Companies)

  • The Art of SMART DelegationTM

  • SMART Performance CoachingTM: Unleashing Employee Potential

Session 4: Leading Teams: Creating Unity and High Performance

  • Embracing the Power Differences

  • Building Team Effectiveness (The Five Dysfunctions – Video-stage of team devp. forming, storming, norming and performing)

  • SMART Conflict ConceptsTM: Interpersonal conflict

  • Solving business problems and making effective decisions collaboratively (exploring ideas together – going deep - PC)

    • Includes work on a team project 

Session 5: Leading Change and Creating Alignment

  • SMART Change Leadership – Align

  • Change Management - Enable 

Session 6: Alignment of Concepts

  • My Experience: a personal presentation of skills learned and applied, and the results achieved (presented in front of leaders/sponsors)

  • Activity based review of key concepts and how the interrelate

  • My Leadership SMART Action PlanTM

  • Certificates presented

  • Celebration of achievement and completion

Workshop Details:

Location: In-house

Days: 11.5*

Pre- & Post work: Yes

Class Size: 8- 16

* 6 - 12month program

Certificate of completion presented

Pre-work: Articles to read; videos to watch; assessments

Webinar: Teaching high level concepts 



Who should enroll?

Leaders at all levels of the organization that want to enhance and/or refresh current skills to increase leadership effectiveness and success. 


For internal workshops, we are able to customize the program to align with your Company’s vision and strategy, and or organizational needs for an additional fee.

Let's talk about getting SMART


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