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Techniques and ideas for taking control of your time in this 24/7 environment


Eliminate the clutter


Know what to focus on

GET IT RIGHT          

Know what comes first, second…and why

GET IT DONE             

Set deadlines, take action and achieve 

We are living in a technology driven, fast-paced, 24 hours on a day, achieve results world and it is time to take control!  The essential skill is learning to manage all that is coming at us effectively. How you ask? By understanding what is truly important, eliminating what is not, and defining what will give you the results you desire in both your personal and professional life. It’s time we get balanced without giving up anything. Embrace SMARTTM strategies and the GET Factor to have it all!  

Core Focus: Participants will learn skills and techniques that allow personal design for managing tasks, goals and projects successfully. Additionally, participants will learn to support their team members in adopting Work SMARTTM practices that will increase individual and team productivity and goal/task accomplishment.


Primary Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine strategies for creating higher levels of effectiveness at work and home

  • Assess your goal and task management practices

  • Apply techniques for successfully managing large projects

  • Integrate strong disciplines for setting boundaries and focusing on high impact tasks and goals 

  • Demonstrate behaviors around ingenuity, risk calculation and vision concentration

  • Organize your team around Work SMARTTM practices

  • Establish your personal Work SMARTTM System


Workshop Details:

Location: In-house

Days: ¾ - 1

Pre-work: Yes

Class Size: 8- 20

Who should enroll:

Leaders who wish to increase their personal and professional effectiveness and credibility at work and inspire their employees to do the same.  

Let's talk about getting SMART


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